n: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result

The Digital Balancing Act

Digital Strategy is a practice of balancing the pros and cons of new technology with user’s expectations and ever intersecting touch points. Last year (2010) was touted as the “year of mobile,” and I would have to agree. Many companies and brands began to see the value of interacting with their customers and users on [...]

How To Ruin Your Reputation In 3 Days

And Not Even Need To Plan Ahead
Often when considering your digital strategy it is focused around an order of priority: 1. Branding & Marketing, 2. Sales, 3. Customer Support, 4. Communications, 5. Operations, and after that there’s no time left in the day to address other things that may seem less important, but if unaddressed [...]

Business Intelligence Applications

For years we have been working with our clients to normalize and centralize their data, and then study their organizational work-flow to understand how to best visualize and use that data for sales, marketing & opperations. The market has been hard pressed for good solutions in this area; most are too generic, or too niche [...]

Creating Digital Assets

The business perception of software has been very product centric due to release cycles and packaging – it comes once a year, in a box, on a shelf. The web began to change that for many companies as they saw how software could be developed, and improved upon while it was, and is being used. [...]

Digital Strategy and Silos Don’t Mix

In an impromptu meeting this morning at Pondry, we began discussing how many companies still approach their marketing and communications as roles, isolated in individual silos. It’s like the age-old issue of product data being wrapped up in Operations when half it’s value is in selling the product to new customers, and the Sales team [...]

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right

It seems ten years ago companies were having the CMO’s nephew design their website; Before that it was the CEO’s son advising him on his next laptop purchase. The way of conducting business evolved and rather than seeking out experts, they deferred to those utilizing the new technology that they knew. Unfortunately, who they knew [...]

Social Media Connects Brands with Users

More facts are in to answer what everyone is asking: do users really connect with brands via social media marketing? We rarely talk to anyone who would say they don’t need a digital strategy. The reason being? People know it’s working.
Case Study: Hewlett-Packard
Last fall HP embarked on a massive internal over-hall, focusing on digital strategy [...]

SEO, SEM, SMO & SML (So Much Lingo) Choose Wisely

Don’t get distracted by peripheral offerings. Work with specialists because they have to be good at what they do; it’s their lifeline.

When to reinvent the wheel

Continuing with the trend of cliché titles, I thought I’d discuss the use of pre developed tools, libraries and Content Management Systems or CMSs. Choosing which code to write from scratch and which bits to pull from already written projects can be quite the art.

Hybrid Web Applications

Breaking the flow when you’re in the middle of getting stuff done is not only a nuisance at the time, but if it’s happening over and over it begins to drag down your morale, productivity begins to suffer as a result, and effects the bottom line quickly.