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New Pavement to Pound

A common practice during any economic downturn for business development leaders is to turn to their colleagues and say, “let’s pound the pavement.” The problem with this statement is it doesn’t address what the “pavement” is.  When looking at reaching new customers, pounding them is not the best way to win their loyalty (in most [...]

How To Ruin Your Reputation In 3 Days

And Not Even Need To Plan Ahead
Often when considering your digital strategy it is focused around an order of priority: 1. Branding & Marketing, 2. Sales, 3. Customer Support, 4. Communications, 5. Operations, and after that there’s no time left in the day to address other things that may seem less important, but if unaddressed [...]

Social Media Connects Brands with Users

More facts are in to answer what everyone is asking: do users really connect with brands via social media marketing? We rarely talk to anyone who would say they don’t need a digital strategy. The reason being? People know it’s working.
Case Study: Hewlett-Packard
Last fall HP embarked on a massive internal over-hall, focusing on digital strategy [...]