n: the act or process of developing; growth; progress

The Digital Balancing Act

Digital Strategy is a practice of balancing the pros and cons of new technology with user’s expectations and ever intersecting touch points. Last year (2010) was touted as the “year of mobile,” and I would have to agree. Many companies and brands began to see the value of interacting with their customers and users on [...]

Creating Digital Assets

The business perception of software has been very product centric due to release cycles and packaging – it comes once a year, in a box, on a shelf. The web began to change that for many companies as they saw how software could be developed, and improved upon while it was, and is being used. [...]

Geocoding for iPhone 3.0

While playing around with the iPhone 3.0 SDK beta, I found a glaring omission in Apple’s Maps SDK. The SDK has a class for reverse geocoding coordinates to corresponding addresses, it doesn’t allow for the reverse (geocoding). I would guess this has something to do with an agreement with Google, but it just seems like [...]

Installing an Ad Hoc iPhone / iPod Touch Application

Are you friends with an iPhone developer? Have you been conned into testing the ultimate fart app? Well you’ve probably ended up with two files in your email that you have no idea what to do with. Here’s how to get in on all the farty goodness:

Obtaining your iPhone’s or iPod Touch’s UDID

A UDID is a code that is used to uniquely identify each individual iPhone / iPod Touch. So why do you need this number? Well there could be several reasons, but if you’re an end user, it’s probably to give to a developer to allow you to install a program that isn’t yet available on [...]

When to reinvent the wheel

Continuing with the trend of cliché titles, I thought I’d discuss the use of pre developed tools, libraries and Content Management Systems or CMSs. Choosing which code to write from scratch and which bits to pull from already written projects can be quite the art.


There’s been a lot of talk going around about the end of Internet Explorer 6. I used to think the day would never come. Then, sites like,, and most recently, began sprouting up. I had hope.