“New Pavement to Pound”

Jon Pederson by Jon Pederson 8.24.2010 care to comment?

New Pavement to Pound

A common practice during any economic downturn for business development leaders is to turn to their colleagues and say, “let’s pound the pavement.” The problem with this statement is it doesn’t address what the “pavement” is.  When looking at reaching new customers, pounding them is not the best way to win their loyalty (in most cases).

I know I’m taking this statement out of context, and most people understand the meaning to be getting out there and meeting new people, and looking for potential customers. The point is though, this should be done with intention, and it needs a plan; a strategy.

Before arbitrarily running out on the streets, shaking hands with any individual that will look your way, take some time to consider where you could best be spending your time. Here’s a few things for you Biz Dev folks:

  • Get a gist account, and see what contacts you haven’t corresponded with in the last 30 days. Give them a call, or drop them an email.
  • Contact your top five customers, let me know you are growing and looking for new customers, and ask them if they would be willing to share any contacts with you they feel could benefit from your products/services.
  • Create a clean email list of contacts you lost in the past, and reach out to them again with a short, one-time email. You never know if they might not be happy with their previous decision to not go with your company.
  • Get on Eventbrite and UpComing to see what is going on, and what events you should be making time in your schedule for to network with potential customers.

This is just a short list to get you started. The main point is don’t run around like a chicken with your head cut off. Be focused. Be diligent. Be assertive. But most of all, be real.

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