“Dissecting Google’s Own URLs”

Jon Pederson by Jon Pederson 5.6.2010 care to comment?

Dissecting Google’s Own URLs

Every SEO consultant will give their own opinion on what the most optimal URL structure is. This is a topic to never consider closed, as search engines continually refine and improve their algorithms to attempt providing the most relevant and valuable content to people.

Google more than likely follows their own best practices, so let’s look at one of their own URLs:


Notice the structure of the above link:

  1. Website
  2. Product or service
  3. Hierarchy (owner of content, or what the content is relevant to)
  4. Unique content id (simple alphanumeric, no crazy characters)
  5. Sample of content (title or portion of first visible text)

Over at SEOmoz, Dr. Pete created the SEO Cheat Sheet: Anatomy of A URL which gives a helpful visual, and his take on making “friendly” URLs.

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