“Creating Digital Assets”

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Creating Digital Assets

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The business perception of software has been very product centric due to release cycles and packaging – it comes once a year, in a box, on a shelf. The web began to change that for many companies as they saw how software could be developed, and improved upon while it was, and is being used. It can be centralized in it’s deployment so distribution is no longer an issue, and runs in a standard browser so support becomes far less as well. Between this and social media, it is really a new era in the business world.

What continues to befuddle web application developers though is why with this reality has not changed businesses approach to how they leverage their software. A lot of companies still see web development and web applications as products, or liabilities, and can only see how to fix their current problems with them instead of growing their businesses with them.

The reality is, web applications are digital assets – they can become more and more valuable with time. Understanding that the web-based software does not come in a box, and therefore does not need to stay in a box, opens the door to leveraging web-based applications to coincide, or parallel the growth plan of the business. They should not be viewed as an additional expense just required to get the job done, but rather a new opportunity to improve the company and do the job better.

Take the time to evaluate your business goals – where you want to be, and the opportunities you want to take hold of – and then bring that to the table when evaluating how to use web applications and digital touch-points to accomplish those goals. Take a phased approach to your digital strategy for web applications, and make them into digital assets that grow with your company, and increase revenue.

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