“Business Intelligence Applications”

Jon Pederson by Jon Pederson 12.22.2009 care to comment?

Business Intelligence Applications

For years we have been working with our clients to normalize and centralize their data, and then study their organizational work-flow to understand how to best visualize and use that data for sales, marketing & opperations. The market has been hard pressed for good solutions in this area; most are too generic, or too niche to work with any particular company without immense customization. We have even seen organizations change their work-flow, and become less productive just to be able to work with a new software application.

In recent months there has been some great improvements in the approach some software developers have taken to building Business Intelligence (BI) applications though. Making software open-source, modular, and flexible has opened many doors for the usefulness of some of these BI applications, without crippling the companies who use them.

While we understand every client’s needs are different and unique, it is always beneficial to survey the digital landscape for assets that work with your digital strategy and business goals. Innovation and demand for excellence in BI applications will push the creators to improve, and your company to find the right solution, whether custom or “boxed.” Before you settle on one solution, first think about how it fits your organization, not how your organization can fit it.

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