“Digital Strategy and Silos Don’t Mix”

Jon Pederson by Jon Pederson 9.15.2009 care to comment?

Digital Strategy and Silos Don’t Mix

In an impromptu meeting this morning at Pondry, we began discussing how many companies still approach their marketing and communications as roles, isolated in individual silos. It’s like the age-old issue of product data being wrapped up in Operations when half it’s value is in selling the product to new customers, and the Sales team can’t access it.

Ironically, just a few minutes ago Clark Kokich, of Razorfish said, “Silos kill digital strategy,” and I couldn’t agree more. The more a company isolates it’s Digital Strategy to just customer service or marketing, the more they will have to focus on crisis management instead of brand development. A Digital Strategy needs to be holistic, breaking down barriers, and focusing on engaging people in communication across the board.

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