“Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right”

Allen Hartwig by Allen Hartwig 9.9.2009 1 comment

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Right

yugoIt seems ten years ago companies were having the CMO’s nephew design their website; Before that it was the CEO’s son advising him on his next laptop purchase. The way of conducting business evolved and rather than seeking out experts, they deferred to those utilizing the new technology that they knew. Unfortunately, who they knew had a 5th grade reading level and lacked the ability to save their allowance, let alone project a cost/benefit analysis.

Today these same companies have expansive IT departments and contract with sophisticated web agencies to execute these essential business needs. Some fortunate companies had the insight to project the value of these technologies and implemented them correctly as they were emerging.

This vicious cycle is continuing now with digital strategy. It’s something I’ve noticed personally, but recently edified by a blog post on B&T: Digital strategy is not child’s play. Radical new digital touch points and customer interactions are emerging with social media, smart phones, real-time data streams, and more and corporate leaders are falling to the age-old temptation: consulting their prepubescent relative packing an iPhone and a Facebook account.

Digital strategy is a key component to the success of today’s business. We are not dealing with a handful of fads that will blow over in the coming months. To succeed you must understand, implement, harness, and position yourself amongst these technologies or risk losing market share and your competitive edge. If you have realized the need in your company for digital strategy, also realize that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

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