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Save The Developers There’s been a lot of talk going around about the end of Internet Explorer 6. I used to think the day would never come. Then, sites like SaveTheDevelopers.org, ieDeathMarch.org, and most recently, DearIE6.com began sprouting up. I had hope. While many of the anti-IE6 website acted like a support group for developers needing a good cry, SaveTheDevelopers.org actually provided a little bit of fire power. They hosted a small snippet of code, that when applied to a website prompted IE6 users to upgrade their web browser to one of four more modern options: Firefox, Opera, Safari, and yes, even IE7.

Being the mover and shaker that I was (and just too lazy to make a fully cross-browser compatible layout) I decided to once again, employ the help of my friends at SaveTheDevelopers.org and make use of their handy say.no.to.ie.6.js script. But instead of code, I was given the birdie – for it was gone! The web address itself pointed to an Internet Explorer download page on Microsoft’s website. After the domain expired in early February of ‘09 it was reduces even further to a parked place holder page for GoDaddy.

A quick google on the subject retrieved a few conspiracy theories, a couple of confused bloggers, and a ton of people that still didn’t know the website had disappeared. It turns out that savethedevelopers.com (not .org) also points to the same IE download page that the .org site used to point to… and the conspiracies took off from there.

We had already finished the layout and were left with nothing to give these archaic browser’s users. So we came up with our own idea. Instead of throwing IE6’ers to the curb, we threw them a bone. We set up an automatic redirected that sends all IE6 users to the mobile version of the site. This alternative version is stripped down a bit in terms of content and functionality, but the very concept of having a mobile site is for users accessing the website in a limited browsing capacity. We usually think in terms of a mobile device as being the source of limitation, but IE6 is more inhibiting than some cell phones. It made sense to us that we should at lease offer IE6 users the same option.

So in the end I still don’t know what happened to SaveTheDevelopers.org. But you can keep it Microsoft, or GoDaddy or whoever stole/lost it. We don’t need you anymore, we can save ourselves.

But seriously, I miss you tons.

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